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PRINTING: preserving memories beyond a lifetime
We provide our customers with a choice of printing on four different surfaces; Professional (Kodak or Fuji) Paper, Genuine (artist) Canvass, Metal (brushed aluminum) and Natural Wood

All of our printing is done by professional printing Labs using only top quality materials and professional equipment. Yes, you may be able to purchase similar products at a cheaper price elsewhere (Non Professional chain type outlets such as drug or department store chains) but, do they use TOP of the LINE materials and equipment? Will your cherished memories eventually fade into obscurity due to cheap paper & ink, or will they be “PRESERVED BEYOND A LIFETIME”? Our labs use "archival papers & inks

We also do CUSTOM collaging, what, you may ask is a “custom” collage? Many labs offer (what we call) Block collages, you can view an example HERE. As you see each image is in the shape of a rectangle or square arranged in equally spaced block patterns, thus the term “block collage” You can view SAMPLES of our “CUSTOM” collaging HERE and see the difference. The old saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here and there is more information on our “collage” page

Each different photographic medium has a page with information and prices specific to that medium just click on one of the links (located at the top of the web page) to go to that section

Sizes & Prices for our regular printing (on paper) will be found in the various galleries from which they can be ordered
Information on Sizes & Prices for all other printing will be found on the corresponding page